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Online Directory – Discover on How You can reach-out to Millions of readers in just one mouse click!

Some businesses spent thousands of dollars engaging in advertising and promotional campaign in order to promote their products or service into the market. Worst is, the result wasn’t justify the cost o your investment.

However, we can opt for other options as there are also a few cost effective or perhaps zero cost to get your business reaching out to the public:

• Sign-up for every FREE listing you can find e.g. online listing, directory listing, internet portal etc.
• Getting involves in Online Forums by giving feedbacks and suggestions and of cause letting people know when your source is and where you came from.
• Even if your company decided to go on with advertisement, it is important choose those channels that reflect exactly to your target market and somehow the advertising channel or the subsidiaries had had built a strong foundations.

Recently I’ve found a great platform for FREE listing or even if companies would like to advertise their products and services, as there are affordable advertising packages available. Check this out: Internet Yellow Pages

The First Few Steps to Boost Your Business in Turbulent Time

Internet has become a main source of promotional tools in today business. In catering to the need and trend, Yellowpages has developed their segment in series of online directories and one of it is online directory, which is proven as market leader in this industry. Now you can choose to expose into the field of their e-Halal, e-Holiday or e-Dining segments in order to zoom into the targeted group.

In a dynamic business context today, it is important to allocate a budget be it for branding, creating awareness or reaching out to the publics and perhaps your potential client. However, there are tones of advertising medias in the market and all claimed themselves to be great.

It’s important to understand the criteria, as the guideline for us when we source for one. Based on our years of business in the distribution channels, the top rated criteria when selecting for an advertisement channel are:
• Maximum Exposure. Consider the other related strengths of the particular channel. This is to ensure that your advertisement is well-placed and assured of being exposed to high traffic usage.
• Track & Measure Information. Look for advertising tools that somehow can enable you to track users who click on your link, see where they go on your website, know which product is the most interesting to users, and correspond with your product development as well as sales target.
• Focused Market. Do some research and study on the target segment of the advertising channel. On a later stage, this will help you reach-out to users who are looking for you product e.g. Tourism Industry.
• Affordable Advertising Rates. A comprehensive advertising packages that contain information that you want others and your potential client to know about you particularly in Tourism Industry

Researching Topics

The Internet is primarily used to communicate, entertain, educate and research. It is thus no wonder that information-intensive eBooks, e-Directories, e-Catalogues etc are the most popular online products at present.

How do you decide on having those to help bring sales lead for your business?

There is no right or wrong answer which is the best way to promote online... Perhaps some of the good suggestions are:
• Digitized your current printed material e.g. Brochures, Catalogues etc and start doing mass marketing via emails.
• Out-source the marketing programme to the experts if you have some budget for this, as might cause you sum amount of money.
• Associate with the established organisation that somehow inter-related to your industry to get leverage on their corporate branding and clientele, this will depend on what win-win benefits you can offers back to them?
• Engage with medias in terms of advertisement channels depending on which target segment that your nature of business is aiming.

The whole idea is to tag along into an existing statically proven channel and leverage on it to reach out to your potential clients. Therefore Yellowpages had created a Digitized Directory, as a perfect platform for you to tag on with it’s online advertising. www.yellowpages.com.my/iyp

Generate more business leads with YellowPages
• High quality leads straight to your phone & website
• Cost-effective advertising to suit all budgets
• Range of options to stand out from your competitors
• Choose advertising that best targets your customers

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